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BAND UPDATE - 24 NOV 2014 - Change of Personnel

Posted on November 24, 2014 at 8:11 AM Comments comments (20)
Without warning, Dave Myatt, our amazing rhythm and lead guitar player, co-founder and inspiration for the overall sound of the band and it's song choices has decided to leave the band.

The remaining members wish him and his wife, Mandy, all the very best for the future.  The band would also like to specifically thank Mandy, who attended all the band's gigs, for her invaluable advice on the sound balance during gigs and also for her mazing humping and lumping of gear both at the start and end of gigs.

The band would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mick Ryan who has stepped into Dave's position at very short notice and the band is looking forward to new pastures for gigging and with new material and a slightly different style - but still an amazing one.


February 2014 - Update by Johnny Gray

Posted on February 14, 2014 at 7:53 PM Comments comments (49)
February 2014

The band has moved on quite a bit in more ways than one.

One is that our set list has doubled as can be seen from Past Gigs Memorabilia.

We performed 3x40 minutes at the Snooty Fox where we also got a great recording by Malcolm (many thanks) and again featured on the Our Music and Past Gigs Memorabilia page.

The other one is that there has been quite a change in band members line-up. 

Bruce (thythm and lead) left us in December (we wish him all the best for the future) and Paul came in and does a great job.

Marcus left us in January (we wish him all the best for the future) and Gordon has stepped in and is doing a great job.

Finally, Brian has this week decided that Rock is not for him, so at present, we are searching for a bass player.  However, we thank Brian for for months of great service and helping the band get to where it is now - which is to be able to go any venue and at a drop of a hat knock out a great couple of hours of Rock and Blues.  We wish him all the best for the future.

Next gig is at the Dropkick, Huddersfield Road, Low MOor.  Dave and I have visited and the venue is a lovely big room with good vibes with a big stage for the lads.  We are looking forward to a good night and hope that we put on a really good show.

Johnny Gray


Posted on October 19, 2013 at 5:24 PM Comments comments (136)
EXCITING TIMES: The band is now ready to go out and gig and is the fruit of the labours of Johnny Gray and David Myatt who have been practising and rehearsing the basic set list for nearly two years now as we put the band together.

It all finally came together when artists searching through BANDMIX.COM came through  in September of this year (2013).

Shuggie (Spencer) fantastic drummer from Killing Floor helped us enormously attending our original practices, helping to bed in Brian Savage - our Bass Player and Bruce - our rhythm/lead guitar player.

Sadly, in one respect, Shuggie being Killing Floor's drummer, it was best that we should look for another drummer to avoid possible double bookings in the future but, happily, in another respect for both bands, Marcus - another fantastic drummer, joined the band - happily as both bands now have a reserve drummer.

We would be keen to find a keyboard player - so if you are a keyboard player reading this, or a reader who knows one, please get in contact - tel: 07528788919.

Our first gigs are booked for November and December 2013 and the band is really looking forward to them.


PS  I would like to thank Dave Myatt for all his patience and encouragement
over the past two years, his belief in my vocals ultimately creating The Johnny Gray Band!